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  • Student Development Centre: Writing Support Centre

Welcome to the Student Development Centre

The Student Development Centre is home to a variety of services specially designed to meet the needs of undergraduate and graduate students on campus. Our staff members are highly trained and experienced professionals who know what campus life is all about. A dedicated group of student volunteers work with us to provide our programs. Most of our services are free for Western students and recent graduates. Visiting scholars, post-doctoral researchers and families of faculty members can access some of our services also. Explore the Website, drop into the Centre, or give us a call to find out how we can help you.

Western's Student Development Centre is dedicated to the provision of an array of integrated professional and accessible services that help graduate and undergraduate students achieve their personal, academic, and professional goals in a confidential and caring environment. In its work SDC seeks to:

The Student Development Centre offers crisis and counselling services to students who experience any form of assault. This includes sexual assault, physical assault and emotional abuse.


1) First, go to http://frewen.ca/mmtt?profile=sdc

2) Create a username and password

3) Once you have a username and password, Visit http://frewen.ca/mmtt 

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